Digital Mitford Meeting Agenda

28 June 2021

I. Test everyone’s connection to Sharepoint:

A. Navigate to Mitford Digital Archive and MRMS Project Support  

B. Archived Box Comments (in .txt files) 

C. Editing files (should involve oXygen XML Editor):
    1. What's everyone's oXygen situation? (Discussion/updating oXygen/temp sharing a key/ should we investigate paying for a project license key?)  
    2. Exercise:  
        a. Navigate to a directory you've worked in and practice downloading a file. 
        b. Navigate to Mitford Digital Archive and MRMS Project Support  
        c. Open in oXygen and add an XML comment to your file. 
        d. Practice uploading an XML project file: ALWAYS replace (despite Microsoft's warning). 
           * (Why? The version history is very good here, and we don't want or need to proliferate multiple copies of an XML file.  

II. What’s on GitHub and what are we doing there?

A. Orientation to the GitHub organization 

B. Documentation repo (what you'll find here—including our official copy of this agenda!) 

C. Filing issues on GitHub: orientation  

    1, Review a GitHub issue discussion (why these are helpful—good project documentation: for intensive process stuff.)  

    2. Exercise: Practice writing a GitHub issue (in Documentation repo)onisa  

    3. Discussion: When to comment on files in Sharepoint vs. When to discuss in a GitHub issue? 

D. Site index process: 

    1. Overview of harvesting from project files to accumulating SI files and updating the SI 

    2. Review multiple uses of the SI:  

        a. for SI notes in published edition files on website 

        b. for schema validation 

III. Relationship of server spaces in our our project

A. Sharepoint workspace => review / corrections / schema validation  

B. Storage in GitHub and eXist-dB: for publishing to website 

C. Website ( : recently upgraded. 

   * Reading from eXist-dB, can read from GitHub, and its own server space. 
   * Setting up IIIF server for smart display of images with metadata/ programmable zoom coordinates (IIIF: <>).  

IV. What we’re working on now (2021-2022)

A. Need to update all the TEI headers (new institutional info) 

B. Building drama module for website: Set of HTML pages  

    1. Intro to Dramatic Works 

    2, Space for each play; displaying versions / variant info 

C. Completing the Journal of 1819 – 1823 

D. Displaying ms images  

    1. Set up IIIF server for Reading CL images that we're allowed to display) 

    2. Change the letters interface for image display 

    3. Choose best ms facsimile image for each page of a letter/ add to `<pb facs="image.jpg"/>` elements so we can pull these into the interface.  

V. What we want to do next (projects with classes/ letters / journal)

VI. Next meetup(s)

A. Virtual 

B. In-person