Meet the instructor team and student assistants

Alyssa Argento is a student assistant at Pitt-Greensburg’s Center for the Digital Text who is talented in XML processing and website design. She is leader of the Banksy project launched at Pitt-Greensburg in 2019 to organize and analyze the Banksy’s public graffiti and other installations by time and medium. She also designed the Combe project exploring the 18th-century inventor of Dr. Syntax with Dorothea Lint.
elisaElisa Beshero-Bondar is principle investigator and technical coordinator of the Digital Mitford project. She is Associate Professor of English and directs the Center for the Digital Text at Pitt-Greensburg.
gregGreg Bondar is the Manuscript Archaeologist on the Digital Mitford project. He has photographed over 800 of Mitford’s letters in the Reading Central Library, the John Rylands Library in Manchester, and elsewhere. He maintains the Digital Mitford project’s database documenting over 2700 individual letters and manuscripts. His research involves archaeological excavations at Tell Timai in Egypt, San Jose de Moro in Peru, and analyzing stone tools with Penn State’s nuclear reactor. While he has only been involved with Digital Humanities applications since 2013, he spent many years marking up ethnographic data in the mid-1990s.
fionaFiona Carter is a student assistant at Pitt-Greensburg’s Center for the Digital Text who recently led a project team in the construction of an ambitious project on James Joyce’s Ulysses and its associations of literary allusions with locations in Dublin.
nathanNathan Dietz is a student assistant at Pitt-Greensburg’s Center for the Digital Text with a yen for programming and experimenting with web server technologies. He helped design the query engines for an XML-based project on the game Bloodborne Lore.
jonJonathan Horanic is a recent Pitt-Greensburg graduate affiliated with Pitt-Greensburg’s Center for the Digital Text, and he has been working with optical character recognition training over the past year.
dorotheaDorothea Lint is a recent Pitt-Greensburg graduate who has been assisting with the Digital Mitford project. She is the leader of the TEI-based Rick and Morty project and the William Combe project, which archives publications, investigates style, and plots a timeline of the writer best known for creating and writing the voice of Dr. Syntax from the 1770s to the 1820s.
beccaRebecca J. Parker is a graduate Digital Humanities Fellow at Loyola University Chicago in the Center for Textual Studies and Digital Humanities. When she was a student at Pitt-Greensburg, she launched The Restoration of Nell Nelson project and she was responsible for introducing GitHub to Pitt-Greensburg’s Digital Studies curriculum. She is leading our GitHub at Command Line training sessions.
Bradley Thomas is a student assistant at Pitt-Greensburg’s Center for the Digital Text with experience in XML projects and an interest in digital mapping. He led a project on marking and plotting GIS data in Magellan’s translated voyage logs, and was a member of the Ulysses project led by Fiona Carter.
jeffJeffrey C. Witt is Associate Professor in Philosophy at Loyola University Maryland. Among other scholarly accomplishments working with manuscripts in late medieval philosophy, he is the architect of the Scholastic Commentaries and Text Archive (SCTA) and the Lombard Press customization of the TEI. He is leading our workshops on the International Image Interoperability Framework (IIIF).